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INTEGRAVAC for apartments

INTEGRAVAC the first integrated central vacuum for apartments

INTEGRAVAC is a new central vacuum unit for flats and apartments. Space-saving and powerful but still quiet in operation, the INTEGRAVAC has all the advantages of a central vacuum system. The machine is mounted either in a kitchen base, a cabinet or on the wall of a utility room. The dust is collected in a filter bag in the device. The five-ply disposable bag is easily accessible and can be easily exchanged. INTEGRAVAC can be used in combination with a retractable hose system (for example Hide-A-Hose) or with a switchable vacuum hose.

Technical data

max. suction power
engine power
max. air volume
max. vacuum
max. air pipe
for apartments
amount of inlet valves
container volume

item #

400 Airwatt
1100 Watt
162 m³/h
255 mbar
20 m
to 150 m²
5 per installation
4  liter
38,8 x 37,0 x 12,5 cm
8 kg


Integravac for apartments

Product video INTEGRAVAC with Hide-A-Hose retractable hose system

Installation example

Integravac installation example
Integravac installation example
Integravac kitchen
Integravac kitchen

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